Punched Potatoes


Welcome to my first Random Thursday. This space will be dedicated to any kind of topic that I feel like writing about/show the world that doesn’t include a recipe. 

I think that it might be a good idea to explain why there is a photo of a burger in the slide show! 


The burger in the photo is in my opinion the best burger in Copenhagen. It also happens to be available in the best burger place in the city: Halifax


This particular burger is called “Liverpool” and it’s composed of: a crunchy buttered garlic burger bun, juicy burger meat, 2 slices of crispy bacon, melted cheddar cheese and a beautiful runny egg sprinkled with salt and chives. On the side you can have baked potatoes sprinkled with kosher salt and remoulade for dipping. I had never tasted such a delicious burger in my life, until a friend of ours took us there when we first visited Denmark. We are also big fans of the “København” and the “Lone Star”. 

If you’re thinking of visiting Copenhagen do yourself a favor and go there. You will not be disappointed I promise! Halifax has a very relaxed ambiance, with a lot of natural light during the day and the classic danish candlelight at night. It is a restaurant chain so you can find one in four different areas of Copenhagen!


(Playing with my Diana+)