Punched Potatoes


More like Friday I know. I have mentioned before that I have a Diana F+ (120mm) and that the husband has an Holga (35mm). 


This means that occasionally we need to develop film. Yesterday was one of those days, hence the delay in this post.

When we moved here, we came across a great store called Photografica. If you ever need to develop film or buy a camera (new or used), in Copenhagen, this is the place to go.


You can develop your films for 50kr (about 7€) and they’ll deliver it to you in, what seems to me, a very professional package. The developed film comes in a plastic sleeve, that you can cut to your needs and keep for storage.


We then scan the negatives on our Epson V500 and voila:


(Random dog at Arrifana Beach in Portugal with an Holga)


(Azenha do Mar in Portugal with a Diana F+)

Fun stuff.