Punched Potatoes


I’ve been trying to find a word for what happened at our place last week but I don’t think that there’s an equivalent in english to petisco. A petisco is when you create a spread of food that can be cooked or not and that is usually eaten outside of traditional meal times. We started at 4pm. You slowly pick bits of this and that, along with your drink of choice. The food spread can be shellfish, or snails, or somethink like we had.

My parents in law sent us a package of cheese, sausages and ham from Portugal. We added portuguese wine and rustic italian bread (the closest we could find to portuguese bread) to the mixture and it was divine. I hope the photos are convincing enough.

Assortment of cheese, ham, paio and bread.


Grilled chouriço.



Portuguese alcoholic beverage similar to cognac (Aguardente Velha). 


Can’t wait for next shipment of goodies!