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A trip to Seoul

The husband got a chance to travel to South Korea in a business trip this past week and I was lucky enough to tag along. 

We spent 6 days in Seoul and it was a wonderful experience. I loved their food and here are some photos I took.
Our first meal in Seoul was a great start. I can't remember the name of the restaurant though. We sat on the floor, shoes off and had an amazing Korean barbecue. 

Incredibly well seasoned meat and good side dishes. 

And Korean beer.

Our second meal was at a Bulgogi Brothers and it was just as good. It started with a sweet potato soup.

Everyone tried different dishes. I believe this was some sort of bulgogi.

And this was an octopus stew.

I had Bulgogi Bibimbap and it was absolutely delicious.

And we also tried Soju.

There are a ton of coffee shops and bakeries in Seoul. I didn't realize you were not allowed to take pictures until I left this particular Paris Baguette. Ups. Their pastries have a very unique texture and taste that I hope I can reproduce at home someday.

You'll find street food everywhere, put I didn't get to try any. Next time maybe?

But we did try some fresh lemonade in Myeong-dong.

And we finished our trip with a delicious burger from Shake Shack in Dubai airport.

If you want to see more pictures of Seoul, you can check my flickr page: