Vacation - Part II

Continuing with the vacation segment, close to Leiria we have plenty of beaches to choose from. For some reason, many of my friends and family spent their childhood summers at Pedrogão. The beach isn't particularly beautiful when compared with other beaches in the region, and the weather and the sea are extremely unpredictable. However, there's plenty of sand, good fresh fish and when the weather is nice, you kind of forget how bad it was just the day before. I guess that's why we keep coming back. With that in mind, this is the weather that greeted us:

And then when you least expect it, and are about to give up, this happens:

Several restaurants/cafes serve snails and these snails were out of this world! Incredibly well seasoned. 

Eating grilled fish caught nearby is another luxury one can experience in Pedrogão, especially when you consider the view from some of the restaurants.

Bread, cheese and olives for appetizers, and white wine to go with the fish that followed.

Grilled sardines!

And grilled squid!

And the typical post dinner walk. 

Fun times. 


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