Vacation - Part I

I've been absent for a couple of weeks but for good reason. I went to Portugal on vacation and, as always, it takes me a while to want to post afterwards. But here it is. 
We grew up in Leiria, but ever since we moved to Denmark, we kind of treat it like we're tourists. A lot of walking around and a lot of photos. Leiria is especially known for its food, so I decided to document some of the stuff that I ate there, as well as the beautiful surroundings.  

Leiria's castle from the 12th Century.


A new restaurant in Leiria downtown, made to look like an old tavern.

An assortment of appetizers that included: olive oil, tuna dip, seasoned olives, grilled cod fish, octopus salad and cowpea salad.

Good beer.

Fritada (but they used pieces of pork with the bone) and migas

Dried and salted codfish (bacalhau) and punched potatoes.

Nearby you can find amazing Italian ice cream.

And downtown Leiria.

And in one of those tiny streets, you can get some Brisas do Lis, a dessert you can only find in Leiria.

And of course, an obligatory photo of Pantufa.

This post was way too big so I'll continue tomorrow with the beach portion. :)


  1. Are those... pickled eggs in the third picture?
    and yeah, Pantufa ftw

    1. lol I didn't even notice, but it looks like it!