I'm sorry for the little hiatus. We went to Portugal and then to Sweden for Dreamhack. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera's SD card in Portugal and as such I only have photos of Portugal from my cellphone. But here we go:

Walked a bit around Leiria during the day.

And at night too.

Hung out with my cat.

Baked an orange sponge cake to take to my grandparents. 

Shared Mille-feuilles with my sister.

And a Bitoque with my parents-in-law (similar to Fried Steak but with a different presentation).

Went to the same place three times during our stay in Portugal for a roasted suckling pig sandwich.

Drove to Pedrogão (a beach near Leiria).

And had some sardines and grilled sweet pepper salad with my mum.

Went back to Denmark and showed Copenhagen to our guest.

And the next day we took a train to Jönköping, Sweden.

Arrived at Dreamhack.

Watched a ton of Starcraft.

And on the 4th day walked around the city. (For more photos of Dreamhack check my Flickr).



Watched a bird eating a chocolate muffin.

And waited for the train to take us home.

Had a wonderful time. :)

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  1. So much places!! Love your last photo... It seems very peaceful :) And of course, your cat it's soooo sweet!! ;)